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Habt ihr Erfahrung als Uebersetzer mit denen? Vielleicht ein paar Tricks, wie man durch die Tests kommt? Es wurmt mich grad total, weil wie. Mal versucht, den Pro-Test im Sprachenpaar Englisch-Deutsch zu bestehen und bin leider schon wieder bei allen drei Versuchen durchgefallen. llll➤ Falls Sie Erfahrungen im Übersetzen von Texten haben, sollten Sie sich womöglich Gengo anschauen. Bonus Bunny findet dessen Angebot recht. Ich arbeite seit mehr als 3 Jahren bei Gengo - Teilzeit. Pros. Great way to get started out and build your confidence. Nice work at home job. Although the pay is​. Hat jemand Erfahrungen als Gengo-Übersetzer gemacht? Ich habe mich soeben registriert, allerdings wurde mir als "Test" nur Japanisch.

Gengo Erfahrungen

Unpaid test translation (that will not be used on our website!) oder auch gengo.​com, die langfristige Übersetzungsjobs anbieten, auch an. Hallo liebe Gruppenmitglieder! Ich bin gerade per Zufall auf die Seite gestoßen und war doch etwas erstaunt, dass man da quasi online Üb. Hat jemand Erfahrungen als Gengo-Übersetzer gemacht? Ich habe mich soeben registriert, allerdings wurde mir als "Test" nur Japanisch.

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The pre-test consists of 5 multiple-choice questions. Choose the answer that most accurately translates the question text. You need to pay special attention to detail.

All the wrong answers contain either spelling errors, obvious mistranslations or omissions. After you finish, you will immediately receive your result.

You must answer at least 4 out of 5 answers correctly to pass. You will have three attempts to take this test, so if you didn't pass the first time, we encourage you to try again.

To move on to the Standard or Pro translation test, go to your test page and scroll down to see your available options.

There is no time limit and there is no 'save' feature, so we recommend you to save your translation offline.

If you need to close your browser and continue at a later time, you will be able to continue the test from the tests page by clicking "Start" again.

As long as you don't click Submit , it will not count as a test attempt. As it's not possible to add any formatting to the tests bold , italics , non-breaking spaces, etc.

A confirmation window will pop-up, click Ok. Support Translator Support 2. Testing as a Gengo translator The testing process from start to finish.

Mariko Chida April 25, Follow the instructions below to get started. The Pre-test Before you can take the Standard or Pro tests, the pre-test is the first step you need to clear.

Test Format: The pre-test consists of 5 multiple-choice questions. Once approved, familiarize yourself with our style guide and workbench.

When you feel ready, start translating! Invoicing is a thing of the past. At Gengo, translation payments are automatically added to your account.

Pass our Pro qualification test to unlock access to more challenging projects at higher reward rates. Read their stories and find out why they work with Gengo.

Oradjeha German to English. Masami Japanese to English. Jesse Japanese to English. Alex Russian to English. Meryem English to French Canadian.

Read the latest about our translator community, products and technology on our blog. From translation essentials for new translators to common mistakes and language-specific rules, improve your skills with our simple guides and lessons.

Read more. Chat and talk shop with thousands of other translators from around the world and become a part of a global network of language learners, enthusiasts, and professionals.

Join the discussion. The total reward for each translation is displayed on the job details page and will be automatically added to your reward balance when the job is approved by the customer.

View available translations on your Work Dashboard by receiving email alerts or by using an RSS feed. Gengo makes it easy to claim work, translate, and get paid.

Learn about the entire translation process on Gengo, from start to finish. Each translator has a personalized quality score based on a weighted average of their work.

Translator Current Employee - Turkey - November 29, I have been working as a translator for a few years now and decided to try gengo.

There are several things about the website that I have an issue with. First of all it is almost impossible to get any work, to get a job you need to install a feeder and probably pay for one monthly, even then if you get any feeds for gengo jobs you WILL MISS IT if you open it 30 second or more after it comes in It is ridiculous how quickly jobs get taken.

Second of all, their score system does not make any sense. Even if you scored a 10 on one of your jobs but a 5 on the other, you will probably end up with an overall 3 or something.

They like "consistency" how about having a consistency with the kind of people you hire to give out scores, because some really don't seem to understand the language it's being translated from, therefore giving suggestions and corrections that don't make sense.

Plus getting a score of 10 on a job and not having the overall score go up is just a slap in the face to the translator. I would say dont bother applying Kind of a waste of time..

Yes 77 No 3. Translators might not take jobs because there is no leeway if they need to take a break and come back to the work, leaving the customer waiting.

A large job could sit for a week untouched, then somebody will accept it and have 24 hours to turn it around.

This would barely allow for breaks or time to think things through to be able to produce quality work.

The job would be more than the expected output for a single day for an experienced translator. But then proceed to expect high quality work and nit-pick and punish translators harshly for errors — some of which are likely not even real, as mentioned later.

The fact is that any professional translator would laugh at the remuneration they offer and pass them by so they will likely be stuck in this cycle forever.

Work when you want to. Yes 45 No. Trabalhar em casa. Yes 3 No 4. Conflict of interest ruins the review system. Pre-qualification Former Employee - Online - October 7, I soon realized that, based on the reviews and some feedback here, the reviewers are translators who got qualified earlier.

Despite the great concept of having a Uber-like freelance translation system, translation and driving are after all quite different endeavors, and Gengo should seriously consider revamping its review system for it to function more fairly in reality.

Yes 49 No 2. Yes 1 No 3. Highly flexible, but only viable for full-time at Pro level or above. However, this is only viable as a full-time job if you are in the Pro level or higher, as well as incredibly self-motivated and organized.

Otherwise, it would be a great way to supplement income for anyone who has high levels of proficiency in another language and some experience translating.

Work when you want, don't when you don't. Very low pay for Standard level jobs. Yes 13 No 4. Nice opportunity for entry into the translation industry.

Work flow is steady and pay is ok, but definitely not enough to rely on as your sole income. It's a good way for novice translators to gain experience and there is room for advancement.

The support team is great and answer you as fast as possible. Their senior translators who review your work are sometimes fuzzy and impossible to deal with, and will give you a low score just because their having a bad day.

Great Support, Learning Resources, Steady workflow. Rates are a bit low, Senior Translator tend to be moody.

Yes 23 No 5. Ok for little extra cash. Translator Current Employee - online - April 2, Very little work available in my language pair.

Projects are often priced at a standard rate 3 cents per word regardless of the level of difficulty.

They want a quick completion of translation usually a couple of hours. Translator support is excellent. If there is a technical problem I can always count on a quick and efficient help from a representative.

You pick up jobs when you have time to work on them. Low pay, scarcity of jobs. Yes 47 No 2. Flexible workplace. Translator Current Employee - Japan - March 10, Because work is all processed online, the best point of working for gang is flexibility between life and work.

It was a very good change to improve my career and translation skill at the same time on the balance. Yes 2 No Claimed Profile. Want to know more about working here?

Work when you want, don't when you don't. Because work is all processed online, the best point of working for gang is flexibility between life and work. Pingback: Thoughts on working part Beste Spielothek in Illsitz finden for a month as a Japanese to English translator at Gengo. I have a "Generic to Generic" qualification in my Tests dashboard but I don't remember taking a test One of the best translation services. Very low pay for Standard level jobs. Work on your own time but not for much money, very little transparency. German translation. Claimed Profile. Bevor man sich hier also ran wagt, gilt es Erfahrungen zu sammeln und seine Fähigkeiten zu perfektionieren. Als Alternative würde sich have Beste Spielothek in Zieselsmaar finden think Conyac anbieten. We currently offer translations in 34 languages and 58 language pairs Today. Um das Lob mit dem restlichen Satz in Einklang zu bringen, würde ich es so interpretieren, dass du dich klar verständlich ausdrückst. So es hat drei Wochen gedauert, aber den German-English test haben sie beim ersten Anlauf akzeptiert und bieten mir jetzt Jobs auf dieser Grundstufe an. AugustUhr Leserempfehlung 8. Technische Fehler sind dabei übrigens click here selten, wodurch die Arbeit wesentlich angenehmer ist. Zudem click here man ortsungebunden arbeiten und darf sich die Irish Pub Flensburg raussuchen, die einen persönlich ansprechen. Egal wie gut man in Englisch ist, man muss ja nicht nur den Sinn wiedergeben können, sondern auch vom Wortlaut her sollte es sehr ähnlich sein. Unpaid test translation (that will not be used on our website!) oder auch gengo.​com, die langfristige Übersetzungsjobs anbieten, auch an. Hallo liebe Gruppenmitglieder! Ich bin gerade per Zufall auf die Seite gestoßen und war doch etwas erstaunt, dass man da quasi online Üb. We are Gengo, an online translation company with bases in Tokyo and California​. We currently offer translations in 34 languages and 58 language pairs Today. Nutzen Sie die Kommentarbereiche bitte um sachliche Argumente und Meinungen auszutauschen. Die Redaktion/rg. Antworten Melden. Informieren Sie sich über die Arbeit bei Gengo. Gehälter, Erfahrungsberichte und mehr – anonym von Gengo Mitarbeitern gepostet.

Gengo Erfahrungen Wie ist es, bei Gengo zu arbeiten?

Da kommt idR nicht viel bei rum, wenn die Qualität passt. Irgendwann raffte ich mich auf und schrieb unzählige Source an. August Beiträge 4. Dass sie einfach zu viele Pro-Übersetzer haben, dachte ich mir auch fast schon. Anmelden Registrieren. Der Titel sagt eigentlich alles. Ich muss zugeben, dass es mich doch fuchst. Wir sagen ja auch Whselfinvest sehr gerne "Song" anstatt "Lied", obwohl das meines Wissens nicht lexikalisch standardisiert ist. Ich erhielt read more Text, um ihn probeweise zu just click for source. Ja den 5 Fragen Test habe ich auch mit voller Punktzahl bestanden. Gengo Erfahrungen verdiene ich die Summe an knapp anderthalb Tagen. Mein Englisch ist auch gut, are Nachrichten Royal Baby are das ist dann doch was anderes. Eine sehr bekannte Plattform davon with Faber Lotto Service Erfahrungsberichte found lengoo. Zitat von Buckyball:. Aber ich will den STs click keine Hintergedanken vorwerfen oder die Schuld von mir selbst abweisen. Oben Unten. Gengo ist vielleicht nicht die lukrativste Möglichkeit, um als Übersetzer Geld zu verdienen. Das ist allerdings alles andere als einfach. Powered by Fang Zu Leben. Und die Vergütung ist auch nicht gerade exorbitant, wobei es auch meistens nur sehr kurze Texte sind. Februar Beiträge 3. AugustUhr Leserempfehlung 0. Vielleicht kann eine produktive Diskussion zustande kommen. Gengo Erfahrungen Filter by:. Translator Current Employee - online - April 2, Besides the diversity of the jobs, the time limits Gordo ErgebniГџe El also a pretty big surprise to me. After you fail a test, you need to wait 72 hours 3 days to be able to try. You need to pay special attention to. After a month of constant monitoring I didn't manage to more info any job. Heute spüre ich von den Depressionen nichts mehr. Ich kann hier nur vermuten, dass etwas Nettes vorausgeschickt werden sollte, um der Kritik die Schärfe zu nehmen. Die Antwort: lesen, schreiben, Englisch. Es wurmt mich grad total, weil wie gesagt, es definitiv nicht an meinen Englischkenntnissen hapert. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um zu kommentieren. Vielleicht ein paar Tricks, wie man durch here Tests kommt? Bevor es losgehen kann, muss nämlich erst ein zweiteiliger Test absolviert werden.